30 Dec 2009


Testimonials from students 2010
'Thank you Thank you! I feel very prepared for the season and have had a great time! The course was very relaxed and informal - not as scary as I'd imagined, fun and I've learnt so much! It was helpful to have the other advice outside of the kitchen as well.' Becca
'I have had a great week - haven't stopped smiling and have learnt lots, thank you! The teachers were friendly & patient which kept us calm, making a great environment to cook in. Their experience was extremely useful.! Matt
'Amazing chalet and the course surpassed expectations - thank you!' Amy

Testimonials from students 2008-2009
'I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to do a season in a ski resort!' Matt
'I actually think I could do the job now! ' Clare
'Everything was hands on, which is exactly what you need on a cookery course' Pete
'A genuine pleasure, I was surprised at both the level of accommodation and the high standard of teaching' Tom

Here we talk to former student Mat about setting up his own business
Go Ski Meribel, and former student and Neilson chalet host Megan about what this winter season has held in store so far .....

Tell us where you are now and what you're up to this winter .....
Mat: I am running my own chalet in Meribel, it's my first season and since doing the Well Seasoned chalet course in the summer I have been doing all the catering myself, something I would never have thought I was capable of prior to doing the course. I am finding it very enjoyable, although obviously very hard work.
Megan: I am currently in Courchevel 1650 working for Neilson as a chalet host.

What has been the best part of the season so far for you?
Mat: I think the best is yet to come, although Christmas and New Year were very good, we had a very nice family in the chalet.
Megan: The best part of the season so far has been gradually getting quicker in the chalet giving me more time on the slopes.

What made you decide on the Well Seasoned course?
Mat: It was based out in France and seemed very good value, I would recommend Well Seasoned to anyone wanting to do a season in the snow. The tutors are very professional and made the course fun as well as very informative.
Megan: I chose Well Seasoned after looking at a few different cooking courses, I decided to go for it because of the course being based in France in a ski resort for a simliar price as courses based in the UK. It made it more of an adventure!

What were you doing before the course?
Mat: I was working in the City of London as a broker, doing this has definitely changed my life for the better, plus I get to ski at least 5 times a week!
Megan: I had just left sixth form and was working as a nanny for a family where I live.

What's your favourite recipe you learnt to cook on the course and have been cooking since?
Mat: Chicken wrapped in Parma Ham and stuffed with goats cheese, its now a firm favourite on my chalet menu !!
Megan: Chocolate brownies!!!! LOVE THEM!! also the yogurt cake... amazing!!

Can you tell us about your hopes for the future?
Mat: Another year another chalet ?? Crystal Ski, watch out, here comes Go Ski Meribel
Megan: Hopes for the future... no idea at the moment ... but another winter season would be sweet!!

A big thanks to Megan & Mat for these interviews. For more information on the companies they work for see www.goskimeribel.com and www.neilson.co.uk
Interview conducted with Mat Wiggett & Megan Algar January 2009.

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