20 Jan 2010

Sweetcorn & polenta fritters for brunch

Breakfast is without doubt my favourite meal. Although I love my traditional weekend egg muffins these fritters are fast becoming a favourite as they are so quick and easy to make. They’re great if you’re cooking for numbers as the batter can be made in advance, and if you’re feeling super organised even the fritters can be made in advance. Store on a large plate with baking paper between layers and under cling film so they can easily be reheated. Serve with crispy bacon or in little stacks with sausages or eggs.

Sweetcorn & polenta fritters
Makes 12-14 small fritters

50g polenta
50g plain flour
½ tsp baking powder
2 medium eggs
150ml milk
1 large tin of sweetcorn, 350g approx
2 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped
Sea salt and freshly milled black pepper

Large frying pan
Vegetable oil for frying
Kitchen paper

In a mixing bowl sift in the dry ingredients using a sieve. Make a small well in the middle and add one egg at a time, using a whisk to combine with the flour. Add the milk a little at a time until the batter is smooth, then using a large spoon fold in the drained sweetcorn, chopped parsley and season well.

In a medium sized frying pan add vegetable oil until 1cm deep and heat on a medium high heat. Gently drop a tablespoon at a time of batter into the oil, using a second tablespoon to ease it off the first if you need to. The oil should be hot enough that the batter sizzles gently but doesn’t spit.

Leave plenty of room between fritters in the pan to start with and when you can see the edges begin to turn golden use a heatproof spatula to gently turn them. Once golden on both sides remove and place on a plate lined with kitchen paper to absorb any excess oil. Fritters can be placed in a heatproof dish in a moderate oven to keep warm while you cook further batches. Enjoy!

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