20 Feb 2010

Lancashire cheese

lancashire cheese - Well Seasoned recipes

What better welcome home than a bowl of homemade leek & potato soup, fresh crusty bread and Lancashire cheese. There were other cheeses too picked up by my dad from various local markets, but it’s become tradition to have local 'creamy lancs' in the house when I come home, always distinguished by its waxed paper wrapping. For those that aren’t familiar it a soft creamy cheese with a smooth buttery flavour.

Over tea, as we call it up here (dinner as it’d be called it in the south) we discussed how we’d never attempted to use it in cooking, partly as our favourite way of eating it is to simply put it on a cracker topped with some homemade chutney, and partly as it never stays around long enough to be cooked with. So that’s got me thinking about how it would be best used in cooking, to be explored in a future post maybe, but for now I’m just going to enjoy it pure and unadulterated.

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Anonymous said...

this reminds me of the conversation i had with the man selling the chilli cheese i bought for you gemma! he was telling me how you could cook with it to make this or that and going on, and i replied "or you could just eat it" like you say - far too tasty to hang around long enough to be cooked with!

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