1 Mar 2010

Welsh cakes for St David's Day

Well Seasoned food blog - Welsh cakes for St Davids day recipe

I'm very proud of my Welsh heritage and thought I'd celebrate St David's Day with more than just my usual house full of daffodils. Welsh cakes take me straight back to my childhood visits to relatives in the valleys of south Wales. In the small kitchen in the back of my great aunt's traditional back to back terrace there was always a cast iron frying pan on the stove where the little cakes would be cooking.

For a reliable recipe I turned to Delia who has a good recipe for Welsh Cakes on the Delia online website. The only difference I made was to roll out the cake dough to approximately 1cm rather than 5mm thick, as I think 5mm is too thin. You really do need to use a heavy bottom frying pan to cook the cakes as anything thinner will burn the outside without cooking them through. Once cooked sprinkle liberally with sugar and eat warm!

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