7 Sep 2010

Late summer chutney

Well Seasoned food blog - late summer chutney recipe

With an abundance of courgettes, onions, late summer tomatoes and early autumn apples available at the moment, I decided to dig out the preserving pan and make chutney. The last few years I've used the River Cottage general recipe for chutney - or Glutney as they call it, using a variety of squash, marrow and courgette along with the usual onions, tomatoes, apples and raisins.

This year I fancied something a bit different so I added some real ale into the mix, Golden Sheep from the Black Sheep Brewery to be exact. The best bit now is leaving it in the cupboard to mature and mellow, hoping it will be a perfect accompaniment to late night feasts of cheese and crackers in a few months time.

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