30 Dec 2009

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The Well Seasoned Chalet Cookery Course will equip students with the cookery skills to successfully run a chalet in a winter ski resort and the confidence to secure employment doing so. Each course will comprise of up to eight students taught by a tutor with a wide variety of experience in the hospitality industry and in training.
Well Seasoned Chalet Cookery Course - Photo - Student in chalet kitchen
The course aim is for you to walk away confident in your ability to cook a weekly chalet menu including breakfast, afternoon tea and three course evening meal. A combination of theory, demonstration and most importantly practical cooking experience will together develop your skills through the week. We hope the relaxed and fun experience of learning to cook in the chalet kitchen whilst making friends and working as a team, will inspire in you the same love of food and passion for the job we have.

We make sure you are well prepared for all aspects of chalet life by teaching you everything from the preparation of canapés and wine appreciation, to introducing local produce and provision for special dietary requirements.
Well Seasoned Chalet Cookery Course - Photo - Student in chalet kitchen
We also understand that skills such as menu planning, budgeting, ordering and time management in the kitchen are key to the successful running of a chalet. Sessions which will enable you to do all this and more are incorporated into the week to help you increase your time on the mountain once the season is underway!

Although the course does involve long hours several free mornings and afternoons have been incorporated into the schedule to enable you to take part in local outdoor activities if you wish, or simply to relax and enjoy the fantastic surroundings.

Please note we do not include a food hygiene certificate as we want to maximise the amount of hands on cooking experience through the week. Many employers now incorporate a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate into their training programme, if not it can be easily undertaken at a local college in the UK or on the internet.

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