10 Jan 2011

A few foodie resolutions

After the gluttony of Christmas it’s easy to start the new year with the resolve to eat less, eat healthily, eat less chocolate etc etc. But I have found myself pondering a few things I would like to devote a bit more time and effort to this year, so thought I'd share them. I'd love to hear yours too if you fancy leaving me some comments!

The Meat Free Monday campaign has been gaining ground recently, lots of the schools I have worked in have adopted it as standard which is great. Not only can a good veggie meal be a tasty and healthy alternative for the wallet as well as the waistline, it’s also good for the planet to eat less meat.

I'd like to bake more bread both at home and in work. Its’ a time consuming business but I'm determined to give it a go with integrity this year. I dipped my toe in the water last year until I killed my sourdough starter Steve and then kind of lost the momentum, I banking on this book to give me some much needed guidance this time!

With Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall about to launch his Fish Fight campaign this week it’s all very topical to be talking about eating sustainable fish right now. About 5 years ago when visiting my brother and his girlfriend in Australia they first showed me a pocket guide to eating sustainable fish, the UK equivalent of which I found was produced by the Marine Conservation Society, and I have been trying to eat more sustainable species ever since. But there’s always more to learn on the subject and new fish to try in new ways, I recently tried Megrim Sole for the first time which was delicious and is in plentiful supply in British waters.

Fairtrade is something I’ve become interested in and learnt more about in the last year both through work and thanks to the Fairtrade Foundation. Fairtrade Fortnight is coming up at the end of February so get planning now and help raise awareness in your local community through a school, community group, your local boozer or whatever! There are loads of free and really useful resources on the Fairtrade Foundation website.

And finally, as always I’ll endeavour to just enjoy food as it should be enjoyed this year, with friends and family, at home and away, by cooking it and being cooked for, and more likely than not with a glass of wine!

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