6 Mar 2011

Scotch pancakes for breakfast ... or anytime!

Scotch pancakes recipe - Well Seasoned chalet cookery course & Food Blog

You can't beat devouring your way through a plate of Scotch pancakes for breakfast, preferably with a variety of sticky sweet toppings.  As teenagers we'd eats piles of them made by my best friends Scottish dad, slathered with peanut butter if I remember rightly!

The little fluffy pancakes, also known as drop scones, are made with a thicker batter than the usual type and which also includes a raising agent so they are thick yet light and airy when cooked. Aim to make them about 10cm in diameter, and make lots as everyone will want seconds! 

Scotch Pancakes
Makes 20-25 small pancakes

25g butter
250g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
25g caster sugar
2 eggs
250ml milk

Melt the butter in a small pan on a low heat, meanwhile sieve the flour and baking powder into a large bowl and add the sugar. Make a well in the middle into which you add the eggs and a splash of milk. Gradually whisk starting in the middle and bringing in a little of the flour at a time to make a smooth and creamy  batter. Add the remaining milk and melted butter and whisk until smooth.

Place a large frying pan on a medium heat and add a good glug of sunflower oil, warm through, then pour the oil out of the pan into a heatproof jug and set aside for use again.

Drop a tablespoon of batter into the pan, it will spread slightly and should be about the size of a digestive biscuit. Repeat the process and you should be able to fit 4 or 5 in the pan at once. 

Cook the pancakes until little bubbles cover the surface, then using a palette knife check the underside is lightly browned before flipping over and cook for a further minute or so. 

Repeat the process starting with the oil for the next batch of pancakes.

Pancakes can be made in advance and stored stacked on a baking dish and covered, to be reheated just before use. Use baking paper to separate layers and to prevent them sticking. They can also be kept warm in a baking dish and covered whilst making a batch to serve.

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