26 Aug 2012

Pimms Jelly

Pimms jelly - Well Seasoned recipes

Jelly is a dessert that puts a smile on everybody's face! They will happily keep in the fridge for a day or two, making these boozy Pimms jellies a fun and easy way to end a bbq, or they could just as easily be made in little plastic cups to take out on a picnic!

Pimms Jelly
Makes 4 jellies 125ml approx each

125ml Pimms
375ml lemonade
4 leaves of gelatine *
Cucumber, mint & strawberries to garnish

Place the four leaves of gelatine in a small dish and cover with cold water. Leave for about 5 minutes until the gelatine has softened.

In the meantime combine the Pimms and lemonade into a medium sized pan and warm gently.

Once the gelatine has softened remove it from the water and place into the warm Pimms. Stir until the gelatine has melted and remove from the heat. Don't let the liquid come to a boil as this can prevent the gelatine achieving a good set.

Strain the Pimms through a sieve into a large jug in case any small lumps remain. Pour the jelly into the four glasses and place in the fridge. Once the liquid has cooled and started to set slightly you can push small slices of fruit and mint leaves into the jelly or simply float them on top.

Leave to set and garnish with more fresh fruit and mint to serve.

* In this recipe I have used four leaves of Dr Oetker Fine Leaf Gelatine, if using another brand consult the packet and calculate how many leaves you will need for 500ml liquid.


Muhammad Amir said...
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a bowl, a belly said...

these look so lovely! i love the idea of garnishing with cucumber

Well Seasoned said...

thank you! Pimms and cucumber - a classic combo! Can't wait until its warm enough here to enjoy a Pimms again :)

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