31 Aug 2013

Shaved vegetable salad with beetroot, fennel & radish

Shaved vegetable salad - Well Seasoned recipes
With this lovely warm weather lingering salads are still on the menu day after day in our house, although admittedly there's only so much lettuce, tomato and cucumber one person can eat ...

This is a fresh and crunchy salad inspired by a recipe from a book I've been loving for the last year or so, Vegetarian by Alice Hart (really hoping she doesn't mind me featuring this recipe ...) It's good to shake things up once in a while with your cooking, and this recipe reminded me that raw vegetables are great in salads especially a good variety of seasonal vegetables like this lot.

We had it with a nice piece of grilled smoked haddock which worked really well with the acidity and earthiness, but it would aslo be good with grilled meat or as a light lunch or side salad.

Shaved vegetable salad with beetroot, fennel & radish
Adapted from Shaved salad with toasted seeds from Vegetarian by Alice Hart

2 medium Beetroot
2 small Fennel bulbs
1/2 Cucumber
Handful of Radish
Handful baby spinach leaves or similar
2 tablespoons mixed seeds, toasted

For the dressing;
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
75ml olive oil
1 teaspoon fennel seeds

To prepare the beetroot trim any stalks or leaves leaving just the bulb and wash well scrubbing a little if you need to. Slice very thinly into strips or slices using either a mandolin, a very sharp knife or even a vegetable peeler, if using a knife it is safer to cut the beets in half first and place flat side down on the chopping board.

Trim the fennel  bulb at the top and bottom, half lengthways then again slice as you did the beetroot into thin slices, and the same with the radish. If you have some leafy fronds of the fennel set them aside to use later.

For the cucumber the best way to create nice long thin strips is to peel pieces lengthways using a vegetable peeler, discarding the first peel which is mainly skin. When you reach the seeds in the centre turn it over and repeat on the other side.

Combine the ingredients for the dressing and whisk together then toss the vegetables in the dressing in a large bowl.

Build the salad either on one large platter or individual plates, start with a little leaf then scatter with slices of the beets, fennel, cucumber and radish and repeat. Finish with some toasted seeds and a few fronds of fennel.

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